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TW CAD drafting services team based in Shanghai,China.
We specializes in cad drafting,3D modeling and motion simulation services. Our mission is to provide our customers with professional, detailed, good quality 3D models, CAD drawings and other services. We strive to build a respectable reputation as the most effective, reliable and impressive drafting service around by aiming to meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations.

We can offer your business:
• Accurate professional CAD 2D/3D drawings
• An innovative CAD design and motion simulation service
• Cost effective and efficient solutions
• A professional friendly service
• A flexible individual approach to your business needs

Hot Service

CAD 2D/3D Drafting
We provide a tangible version of your abstract thought. Industry based technology and the latest software aid us in creating high precision engineering drafting which is highly automated and accelerated. We can create schematic and specific CAD drawings from any format, including paper as well. In case you do not have a prepared drawing, you can delegate your design specifications along with the respective measurements to us. We will take the responsibility to design your CAD drafting.
CAD Animation
We provide quality animation services for mechanical parts and assemblies at competitive price. We deliver cutting edge solutions owing to our insight and attention to detail. We have skilled team members who apply their knowledge and expertise to the need of customers in variety of industries.
New Product CAD Design
The group of experienced engineers at CAD Services will help you by providing the precise design of your mechanical products at the initial stages. Focusing on the conceptualization of the product, we organize it for test and manufacturing. We provide you with all types of Computer Aided Designs which will assist you to construct your future mechanical projects.

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